Campus Ambassador

About Go4Tech Campus Ambassador Programme

One most important thing about this program is the nature of its "openness". Campus Ambassador Program is not just about developing additional skills; it's all about exploring the depth of existing knowledge & leadership quality of students.

This program enables managerial skills through continuous interactions and recognizes enthusiastic, hard-working and self motivated Students by giving them the opportunity to represent Go4Tech on their campus.

Campus Ambassadors Ultimately, they are a strategic link between their College and us.


  • To act as a bridge between College and Go4Tech. Publicize Go4Tech in college by class announcements, posters, seminars, social media and college clubs.
  • To complete various tasks assigned by Go4Tech.

  • Eligibility:

    There are no prerequisite. Anyone interested can join this program.


  • Successful Ambassadors will be given Go4Tech official Work Experience certificate.
  • Add the Campus Ambassador Programme experience to your resume.
  • Gain skills like team work, event management, media relations, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Interact & Coordinate with new people as a workshop Manager for Go4Tech Workshop/Event in your region and Earn on every event organized by you.
  • Flat 50% Discount in our Summer/Winter Training Program
  • 50 Hours Management Training Program for free to all Selected Campus Ambassador. After training Program there will be interview session, on basis of that Joining letter will be given.
  • For their performance in various tasks assigned, they will be awarded points on a regular basis and will be eligible for timely rewards based on these points. Students can get Jobs on Stipend Basis so that Students can do part time job while breaking their academic schedule.

  • How To Apply:

    Send us your CV along with your passport size Photograph to